Back In The Saddle Again

Riding a bike is fun when you’re a kid. It’s also fun when you are an adult. But as an adult the seat seams much less comfortable. Thus my return to cycling begins!

In deciding to attempt a triathlon, I was initially concerned with the cost of equipment for each sport. I have three kids and their filled bellies are more important than my sports adventure. The most expensive sport in the triathlon is cycling. And this is for the obvious reason that bikes can be expensive. But nothing is better in this scenario like having a friend that has a spare bike not being used. It’s also nice that this friend is a cycling enthusiast as well. He knows his stuff.

Getting back to the uncomfortable seat, he asked if I want comfort or more race like. Being ambitious I said the latter. Now, I know what this feels like because I commuted to work by bike while living in Pittsburgh. But the body forgets. In reality, the seat was very comfortable for the entire 40 minute ride except for a few bumps and the last 5 or 10 minutes when fatigue set in.

The workout today was difficult only due to my lack of gear. By gear I mean a watch that could keep 1 minute intervals. The first half was a 20 minute warmup. No problem. I have an armband to hold my cell phone. I went with this for keeping gps readings and not having to purchase a gps watch. But it is really difficult to see the time on your arm while riding. Also, the weather is cold and my gloves don’t work on the iPhone unlock button. For the first 20 minutes, setting a timer is easy.

The second half the workout was to keep my rpm (revolutions per minute) between 80 and 90 for 20 minutes. Therefore, I need to be able to clock a minute while counting the revolutions. Not gonna happen today my friends. I ended up just cycling for another 20 minutes in a medium effort zone. I’ll have to rethink this issue as time goes on. A gps watch will come in handy if I decide to save to get one.

Day 2 is done! I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s running routine. I really don’t like to run and it’s supposed to be 32 Fahrenheit. Until tomorrow…


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