Why Am I Doing This Again?

Day 3 of this journey contains the type of exercise I am least excited about…running. I have tried in the past to develop the habit of running but it has never really stuck. That could be because the last time it was the middle of winter in Pittsburgh. The previous sentence means that it is cold outside. Not the best time to begin a running program. Such is the case for today’s run. I woke up to 32 degree weather. By the way, that’s not supposed to happen in Charleston as far as I’m concerned.

The only reason I felt compelled to leave my bed was the commitment I made with myself to run this triathlon in a few months. It’s also that I have told a few people about my ambitions and that nags at me whenever I feel the urge to back down. Now, remember, this is only day 3. Hopefully, I can still say that on day 60. Back to the running.

The plan calls for a warmup of 7 minutes then eight sprints of 20 seconds. I am really glad that this was the plan for the day. At 32 degrees, I am not sure I would have made it for a 40 minute walk/run. Staying warm was not an issue and my only real concern was the shoes I am currently using. Money is tight at the moment and I get paid at the beginning of the month. Therefore, I have a pair of trainers but they are not truly running shoes. I’ve already eyed up the pair from Brooks that I want but it just isn’t in the budget yet. After finishing the workout, I am thankful to say that these shoes worked fine for a beginning routine. They definitely will not cut it as time goes on but one day at a time will have to be my motto.

I used my iPhone and the app Strava to keep track of the distance and speed. I used the phone timer for timing the sprints and walk/run warmup. I don’t like carrying the phone but its light did help getting to the road through the darkness of early morning. Again, a nice gps watch would make this adventure just a little bit easier but not doing this because I don’t have one would be a pretty lame excuse.

After returning to my warm home, I promptly made my recovery shake/drink. It is my go to even when not training. Kale, frozen mixed berries (no strawberries), banana, peanut butter, psyllium, flaxseed, and almond or soy milk. I stay away from protein powders (you can read more about why from this guys story here). The journey is still in its infancy, but the bottom line is…Day 3, Done.

Feature photo by Bryan Rodriguez on Unsplash


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