Better Strokes And The Annoyance Of Wet Feet With Socks

Last night was the Super Bowl. I wish it was the excuse I could use for my fatigue today. But, I really could care less about the Super Bowl. It’s just not my thing (by the way I was routing for Manchester 🙂). At 5:30 the alarm sounded and it was the fourth time I’d been awakened. I am learning that sleep is a must in this training. I know that intellectually but feeling it physically changes your understanding.

The swim session for the day remained the same as before with a 30 second break after each 25m for 20 minutes. Today’s work seemed much more laborious and I felt winded at times. This was not true of last week. Besides the loss of sleep, I began to really refine my technique based on some guidance from a competitive swimming friend and some instructional videos. Some day I hope to have a coach watch my strokes for better technique, but that costs money I don’t have.

I really focused on the pull portion of the crawl stroke. The focus was to be sure to pull parallel to my body. I am not sure if I came across my body previously. I found that pulling parallel to my side so that I did not break the center plane of my body was not difficult but I seem to feel more exhausted on each length of the pool. I even took a few lengths with the breast stroke for a break. Here’s a video I liked the most explaining this idea and others:

Each swim I plan to focus on a different part of the stroke without sacrificing the endurance and strength training. Today was really mentally taxing but felt positive. Now to my annoyance.

It’s cold out and socks are necessary, even in Charleston. After showering, I’m ready to leave to make my recovery shake at home. But then you have to put on socks. No matter how much thoroughly I dry my feet, it is a real pain to get socks on! The moisture creates a friction that just simply annoys me. I know, if that is the smallest issue I have to deal with then why am I complaining? I really don’t know, it just really frustrated me this morning. Dumb? Yes. Does it still frustrate me thinking about it hours later? Yes. Is it a big deal? No.

That’s enough for me today. I’ve got other fish to fry and a family to take care of. Week 2, Day 1, Done.


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