It’s Really Dark When Everyone’s Asleep

My training plan called for a running session focused on my stride today. However, it warned that it should be done on a softer surface like grass. I have grass but not 100 yards of without trees and a clear running path. Therefore, I needed to find such a place nearby.

You’d think any public school would offer this for free. But it turns out gats get locked and I’m not about to risk climbing fences and trespassing when I can’t even see the ground.

Fortunately I discovered a park nearby. I looked at it through Google maps aerial shots. It looked like it had two side by Sid soccer fields and parking. Since I found the location 8 hours before I was to get up and workout, I couldn’t drop by to check it out.

When I arrived this morning, it was really dark. I mean, really, really dark. I had my phone but using the light to run would become a distraction from focusing on my stride. Therefore, I went at it in the dark.

I had to warm up jogging around the border of the field. It turns out there are two football goals at each end. It the new kind with a single bar holding them up, bit the older kind with two holding it up (think the letter H). Then my attention turned to running almost as hard as I can for 20 seconds focusing on my stride. Though the field was a bit wet, there seemed to be enough grass to grip under my feet. I repeated this for 8 rounds and then did a cool down.

Just as I finished, I could see the night sky beginning to give way to the rising sun. I will never tire of the wonder of this moment that happens every single day. It is breathtaking and awesome. I still need to buy some running shoes but today’s workout went fine with my current trainers.

It’s amazing how still it is when everyone is asleep. I still cannot believe how dark it was and is at this time. Training is sometimes surreal when it is that quiet and dark. If you haven’t tried it, then do it sometime and be at peace with the world for just a moment while you work your tail off.


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