Why I Push Forward?

Today’s ride had me ask the question in the title of this post multiple times. Whether it was my aching legs or hurting tailbone, the question needed to be answered each time. I have many answers to this question but the one that always stays at the top is health and longevity.

I know too many close friends and family affected by chronic disease. The problem is that for each of these people their disease more than likely was a choice and not just something that happened to them. I am not a health expert. Let’s get that out of the way. However, I believe in following the advice from Plato’s Sacrates, “Follow the evidence, wherever it leads.”

I was introduced to Dr. Michael Greger (nutritionfacts.org) by a cardiologist friend. I do not think that Dr. Greger has all the answers for everything health related. But that is not why he does what he does. He states that his goal is to present the latest in health research and let you decide what to do with it. Below is a video about the world’s number 1 killer, heart disease. Take a moment to watch it trying to follow the evidence where it leads rather than from a bias viewpoint (it was hard for me too at the beginning and I know I still have biases).

I switched to a plant based diet years ago but I was still not getting the next important component of health and longevity – exercise. I was extremely active in my youth. When switching to music as a career, that all began to dissipate. After seeing your third child run around with freedom and joy at 4 years old, you realize that you hope to have that same freedom and joy at 60, 70, and 80!

Since I am an extremely goal oriented person. I needed a goal or carrot dangling in front of me to build my motivation. That carrot, of course, is to run my first triathlon. I write this blog as a way to keep myself accountable as much as to keep a record of my journey. Because I am so passionate about people’s overall health, take some time to watch the next video on exercise if you need some encouragement on how much you should be getting daily.

I know I did not focus on my workout as much today, but I was struck by the thought of why I am trying to do this triathlon thing. Today was hard for me on the bike because I could feel my lack of strength and endurance. I worked really hard on 9 to 3 drills during the ride to build better transitions in my cadence. I hope you stuck around to the end of this post.

Bottom line, because of my “why” I finished Week 2, Day 5. Done.


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