Running Like A Child

It’s the last day of training for week 2 of my preparation for my first triathlon. I have probably stated a number of times to many people that I do not like to run. This might go back to my high school and college days of having my tennis coaches yelling at me to do one more sprint. I can only remember one time when I actually threw up from such nonsense. In any case, after watching my children run for no reason at all, I decided to look at my running from that perspective.

Something obviously happens to us as we age. The simple pleasures we once had as children seem to disappear as life’s burdens crash upon us. There are some obvious and pragmatic reasons for this. But, we should still find pleasure in moving our bodies like we did as children. I get this feeling especially when I am doing laps in the pool. It’s fun to move through the water uninhibited. That’s what I want to feel about running.

I decided to break out my worn out pair of running shoes. I’m not sure of the exact version of New Balance 1080 I own. I bought them when I lived in Pittsburgh and began a running program. That means they are at least 3 years old and should probably not be run in currently. I need a new pair of kicks but cannot afford them. My newest pair of athletic shoes, also New Balance, are too minimalist and are made more for gym use. After running 2.6 miles today, I’m glad I did. They were much more comfortable than my other shoes. They still have some miles in them while I save for a new pair.

I went into the morning not feeling like I had to run but trying to feel that I wanted to run. I wanted to feel like a child that runs for the sake of running and nothing more. It actually worked psychologically for me today. I really did enjoy the feeling of running. Even while my hands were freezing and the roads were dark, I felt really free. We evolved to run after food and away from danger. I’m glad I can now run to pursue health and longevity and return to my home for a nice whole food plant based recovery drink.

I feel satisfied with my work this week. My body has a few aches but overall has been recovering from each workout quickly. I am definitely looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I’ll still be up at 5:30 to keep my body in the right rhythm.

Week 2, Day 6. Done.


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