Easing Back Into The Week With Swim Training

Monday is my “actual” day off from work. Therefore, it is the day I try to spend as much time with my family as possible. But that is also the reason why I’m up at 5:30am to get my workout in before they awaken.

I like having swim training on my first day back after a day off. It is easy for me to motivate myself into a pool and swim laps. If it was running or cycling, it would be much more difficult. Today was easy to show up but was more mentally challenging to finish.

I have been working for the past two weeks for a total of 20 minutes per swim. Today extended it to 30 minutes. It wasn’t so much that I was exhausted but I had to keep focusing on my strokes to keep my mind from thinking about the time. What is it about humans and time?

I think I need to make my swim days my strength training days as well. I know I will benefit from them. I picked up a book about strength training for triathletes at the library and am formulating a routine for twice a week. I know it is needed but I want to keep my endurance and time allotted to training in check. It will definitely affect recovery so I need to be smart.

I am more tired at night these days and it’s the training that is definitely creating it. It’s good to hit the pillow and fall asleep quickly. I don’t always feel refreshed in the morning but have enough juice to make it through training and the day of work. I also think my whole food plant based diet adds to the efficient recovery.

That’s enough for me tonight. It’s almost bedtime. I think all the kids are asleep. I even think my wife has fallen asleep putting our youngest to sleep (not the first time). She works hard for these kids and takes care of me.

Week 3, Day 1. Done.


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