(Mostly) No Special Equipment Needed

All of us, including myself, follow the athletes that reach their desired goal in a particular sport. These athletes might not be the highest paid or even win the most. They are the ones we identify with and want to know their story of adversity and overcoming. This is the same story many of us are trying to write in our own lives. Such is the case with me running a triathlon.

Most people think it’s nonsense. They wonder what causes me to get up early, eat the way I do, and many other things (some not related to training). I believe it is a human instinct in all of us to push ourselves beyond our limits. It is there in all of us even if it is dormant. In the world I live in, it is tempting to think that you “need” a number of items before even beginning. The professional has it so I need it too. But that just isn’t true.

I am on my third week of training. I still don’t have the shoes I would like and the gps watch that would make recording my workouts much easier. But who gives a ______ (you fill in the blank)? It’s about getting out of bed every morning and making a go at it.

For my routine today, it was about finally finding a field that I could use to run 100 yards to work on my strides. You would think this would be easy, but it isn’t as easy as you think. Schools are out of the question because I would be training while they are just about to begin.

Fortunately, I found a park nearby that had a large open field. I ran this workout last time in the dark and only afterwards realized how it was extremely muddy. I decided this would be a poor choice in the future due to possible injury. But, today, I drove a little further into the park to examine the baseball fields. Hooray! They were actually well maintained and free from mud (this is unusual considering all the other sports fields near me I checked out).

I felt good during warmup today. However, after running my first stride sprint, I noticed a soreness in my right quadricep. I was able to push through the rest of the workout but I definitely did not push my sprints as hard as I did upon the last workout. I think yesterday’s bike routine really exhausted my legs. I am thankful that tomorrow is my swimming day.

I know I’ve title this post about having special equipment. Obviously you need a bike (mine is borrowed), some running shoes, and a place to swim (mine is a public pool at $2 a swim). The bigger challenge for most is finding the desire to push themselves beyond where they thought possible. I do this every day in teaching guitar but I want to do this every day in my physical health as well.

Week 3, Day 3. Done.


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