The Reality Of Snot Rockets

Yes, you read that title correctly. It isn’t meant to be vulgar but rather the reality that there are many small issues that must be dealt with during any type of athletic training. Snot rockets are one of them and I had to relearned my childhood soccer field skills this past week.

The temperatures have been pretty cold some days. Today it was higher, about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at the higher temperature my body was obviously warming up the air as it entered through my nose with the added mucus. Yes, I know that is a lovely thought. But the reality is that the mucus builds up and you need to get rid of it. Therefore, my snot rocket skill is being perfected on my bike.

For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, then just search for a description online. My only challenge initially was to ensure that I missed my clothing. I am also better out of my left nostril than my right. Not sure about that one and I’m sure you don’t really care.

Okay, so you are tired of hearing about this childish method for blowing your nose during sports. Well, it’s a part of dealing with everything externally and internally during the course of a training session and in the course of an event. You must learn how to do this or you’ll be really frustrated if you need to blow your nose!

Putting this re-found skill aside, my 40 minute cycling routine was relatively strong this morning. I was hesitant to get outside this morning because I had to wait until it became light enough to see. Therefore, I sat and read a book while I waited. I tend to do better in the motivation area if I just get up in the dark, throw some clothes on, and get to it. The waiting seems to make me want to be lazy.

I hit 9.5 miles today with an average speed of 13.8 mph. That’s nothing to write home about (but surely to blog about) other than I kept my cadence between 80 and 90rpm. That was the target for the day. Also, I was able to focus on my surroundings today and see the world around me a bit more rather than only staring at the road. It was a good day, snot rockets and all.

Week 3, Day 5. Done.

Featured Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash


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