Flexibility In Training Is A Must

I was completely energized this morning as I turned off the 5:30am alarm. Today was the last day of week 3 in my preparation for my first triathlon. And promptly at 6:00am the rain began. Time to bust out a good book and plan for a later time.

I’m not against running in the rain. But I am against running in the rain without the proper gear. If you’ve read any of my older post, then you know I probably don’t have the gear. And, I don’t.

Fortunately my work day ends at 4:00pm today. That gave me time to get the workout in afterwards. We have this really well made greenway close to my work. It was the first time I was able to use it. Normally it’s just too far away from home to use. Especially at 6:00am in the morning.

I had an awesome and dry training session. I am now running at 1 minute intervals with 30 second breaks. I hit 3 miles of distance today and felt energized rather than tired. My mental take on running is also changing. I keep trying to think like a child when running. It actually makes it fun at times.

Tonight we had whole food plant based alfredo which was awesome. One out of three kiddos liked it. That’s three out of five around the table! Progress! Tomorrow is rest day so no updates tomorrow (like anyone is actually reading this 😃).

Week 3, Day 6. Done.


4 thoughts on “Flexibility In Training Is A Must

  1. Well…I read this one. So great you are doing this training. I never did triathlons, but I used to run a lot of races from 5Ks to marathons. Such a great feeling to be fit and strong. Running was like mediation for me.
    Something about the rhythm and the focus on breathing and the body. My mind seemed to empty out. Unfortunately, I can’t do it anymore. I really miss it. Best of luck in your training. Wishing you fast times…

    1. Thanks Rick. I need a goal for motivation. I am shooting for a Sprint distance and an Olympic distance this year. I don’t really expect people to read the blog. It’s just me recording the journey. I hope you are well and getting some good guitar playing in.

    2. Yes, still playing guitar, or trying to. Also, I’ve been writing some simple compositions using Musescore. Still playing many of the pieces you introduced to me and, of course, learning new ones. Am thinking of upgrading my guitar this year. Maybe a Cordoba Hauser. Not sure. Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

      1. That’s a very nice guitar. I have a student that just bought an Alhambra Linea Profesional Cedar Classical Guitar. It has an amazing sound and plays really well. I think it is the same price range as the Cordoba Hauser.

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