Getting Reacquainted With This Older Body

I slid into the old leather seat of my 2007 Subaru Outback. I drive an old car. Twelve years old to be exact. It leaks just about every fluid possible. I have a weekly ritual of checking the oil and power steering fluid. I can tell when something isn’t sounding like “normal” and know if it is a serious problem or one I can deal with patiently. I think, sometimes, we are able to know more about other items in our lives than our own bodies. Fortunately, I am beginning to reacquaint myself with mine through this journey.

Each day I tackle another training session, I realize something that has been hidden below the surface of sedentary existence. I realize I have a spot in my back I need to be careful of when lifting in a certain position. I realize that I have muscles that have been neglected for far too long. I also realize that my body is more resilient than ever. It heals itself and gets ready for another push to another level. And this is both in the physical and mental aspects of training.

I guess the car analogy works well for the body. But the body is much more amazing. With little effort it can actually rebuild and repair. It doesn’t matter how worn out or old, it will do what it is supposed to do if you treat it right. It will get stronger. It will get faster. Your metabolism will go up. Your cardiovascular system will improve. It takes more time than an oil change but the benefits last a lot longer than 3,000 miles with consistency.

I like my old Subaru and will keep driving it until it completely blows up. I like this old body a lot more. My cycling and swimming routines these past two days have been awesome. After 3 weeks, I can actually physically feel the change in my body. It is pretty astonishing. I hope I can continue this focus until my goal of my first triathlon in 12 weeks. Then, I am hoping to hit an even longer one 17 weeks after that. If this 40 year old can do this, then people can accomplish much more than they give themselves credit.

Week 4, Days 1 & 2. Done.

Photo by Beau Runsten on Unsplash


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