Two Days Closer To Triathlon And Searching For Mac and Cheese Recipe

I know the title is a bit strange, but follow me on this one. I’ll get the training stuff out of the way. Then, I’ll tackle the more important mac and cheese issue.

I missed posting about my training yesterday due to the wonderful joy of preparing taxes. This year has been the easiest in a couple of years because I’ve only had one main income for the entire year. Being self-employed is no fun when tax season comes around. I’ve used TurboTax for 8 years and this year it was really smooth. Thanks TurboTax!

My schedule was also screwed up due to President’s Day. The pool was closed on Monday and I had to switch my bike routine with swimming this week for those two days. Both these workouts went well. But swimming today felt labored. I ran my strides workout yesterday in the rain and felt strong throughout even though it was cold. Today in the pool, however, it was all I could do just to focus on my stroke technique for 30 minutes.

Each lap seemed to pull on me a bit more than the last. I was taking in oxygen at a higher rate than usual but my times down the pool were consistent with my previous workouts. I always finish with one last sprint one way. Today it was at my usual 18 seconds for 25 yards. That’s not fast but where I am at the moment.

So training is moving along. But, as a human and newly training triathlete, I must eat. I’ve been eating mostly whole food plant based for about 4 years. Therefore, I don’t crave what most people crave (mainly meat and cheese). It does not even enter my thought process. However, I have three growing kids and I want the best for them. All the evidence I have read points to this way of healthy eating for every age group. They eat meat and cheese but we are working to incorporate more of the whole food plant based foods all around.

As with most families, one child seems to be more selective in food than the others. By selective, I mean willingness to even try different foods. And, for this child, the food most requested is mac and cheese. I have tried a couple of vegan mac and cheese recipes in the past and tried to call them mac and cheese. This is wrong on all fronts. I was lying to my child that it wasn’t actual mac and cheese. What kind of example is that? Why was I trying to manipulate my child? It was wrong of me and further, they would taste the difference anyway!

The last time I experimented with one of these recipes, I just called it “orange” pasta. No lying, and with that, there was no rejection of the sample spoonful. Finally, getting somewhere. Now it is time to ramp up my search for the whole food plant based version of orange pasta that the pickiest among us will eat. Baby steps!

I have compiled a list of six different recipes from the books I have and online that all claim to have the BEST orange (mac and cheese) pasta for mac and cheese lovers. It may take me a couple of weeks to go through the recipes (it’s not like I work a full-time job, train for a triathlon, and have a family to take care of). In the end, I am hoping to post the winning recipe along with a smiling photo of kid approved orange pasta! Or, maybe it won’t work and I’ll just have to give up. I hope not.

That’s all of my rambling today. Week 4, Days 3 & 4. Done.


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