No Or Very Little Muscle Soreness On My Plant Based Diet

A friend asked me today about how the training was going for my triathlon. I answered that it was going well. He countered with, “have you been sore?” I had to honestly answer, “little to none” (other than the soreness of the seat of the bike but that’s not what he was asking about and one day that my right quad was sore). He was surprised to say the least and I was also considering my journey thus far.

Before beginning this program I had not exercised regularly in well over 6 months. Even then, it was spotty at best. This is a 6 day a week program. The only thing I could attribute this lack of soreness or ability to recover is my diet. By anyone’s standards I should be pretty sore after being so sedentary for so long. It turns out that I’m not an anomaly and the scientific evidence is there to support my experience.

I know you know I am a supporter of and the evidence based nutrition presented by Dr. Greger. Watching these two videos gave me all the information I needed.

I switched to a plant based diet quite a while ago. Little did I know that it was going to be such a benefit to my training. I still get eye rolls from people when I tell them how I eat. Usually they are overweight and are on multiple medications. I guess the proof is in the pudding (vegetable pudding of some sort!)

This is the final day of week 4 of my training. I had to put off running this morning because of work obligations. Therefore, when this article finishes writing itself, I am out the door to get my last and longest run of the whole program. Yesterday was my longest bike (60 minutes) of the whole program. I feel good being 4 weeks in and still have 11 weeks until the first sprint distance triathlon.

Week 4, Day 5 & 6. Done.

Featured Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash


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