Wake-up Call, You Are Not As Fit As You Think!

Sometimes you get a little over-confident. Today was that day. Today began the beginning of week 5 of my training. My swim was the first routine planned to test my ability to swim the necessary length for my first sprint triathlon. It discouraged and fueled me at the same time.

The objective was to swim as far as possible without stopping. Then, for the remainder of the workout, pause for a 30 second break between pool lengths. Since I began the program this 30 second break has been a part of every routine. Now it was time to test how well that would transition to continuous swimming.

I made my way to my lane. Hopped in and took an easy warmup using breast strokes. Up and back, not bad. Now to the routine. I told myself to just focus on my freestyle form and allow your body to stay steady and calm. The first 25 yards were fine as usual. When I made the turn after finishing 50, I began to feel my breathing getting more labored. Ok, maybe my rotation isn’t enough and I am forcing my head out of the water instead of letting the body do its thing.

Nope, that wasn’t it. I was getting tired and my cardiovascular system was letting me know it wasn’t ready for much more of this task. Turning at 75 yards, I knew I could push it to finish the 100 yards but that was it. I was done and breathing heavy. I was bummed and knew I had another 26-ish minutes of swimming ahead of me.

The book (Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed. by Joe Friel) makes a statement in describing this workout that you swim no more than 800m without stopping. Obviously, that warning did not apply to me. I guess my expectation was way off! I didn’t even get to 100m. I had felt good up until this point in my training. Seeing my lack of ability made me realize why I am only on week 5.

For seasoned triathletes, this would be an awful conclusion of your work. Thankfully, it isn’t the conclusion but a marker of how far I still need to go. Especially if I am going to be ready for my second triathlon this year of Olympic distance. I have a lot of work to do and know that it is just a matter of time, focus, and commitment. Bring it on triathlon! Bring it on out-of-shape body!

Week 5, Day 1. Done.

Featured Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash


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