Bounce Back After Disappointment Yesterday In Swim Training

Yesterday was a little defeating in my swim training (read about it here). I was determined not to let that dictate my bike training today. But I did let the weather dictate my choice of riding location. It was 40°F when I walked out the front door. At that moment, I realized my indoor bike trainer was about to get a workout with me!

This was the first time I have used the trainer for a long session (40 minutes) of continuous riding. The past sessions on the trainer have been combinations working on my cadence and smoothing out dead spots while pedaling with a single leg. The mental challenge seemed more difficult than the physical.

I decided to listen to a podcast and some music. I, of course, do not do this on the road for safety reasons. I found myself looking at the clock throughout the workout. This is something I was hoping to alleviate with the music and podcast but it didn’t help as much as I thought. I was also trying to keep my cadences between 80 and 90 per minute. This forced me to keep an eye on the time as well.

I pushed myself pretty hard for the last 10 minutes and created a pool of sweat on the laundry room floor. For some reason, this really makes you feel like you’ve worked. I know I did, but the sweat is almost the equivalent to actual proof that you gave your all. In the end, I felt redeemed from yesterday’s disappointing effort in the pool.

On a side note, I went to the bike store yesterday to get new bearings for my daughter’s bike. While there, I began the conversation about my purchase of a triathlon bike. This, of course, led to the discussion of shoes and pedals. I am not in a place to purchase a new bike yet but will be considering the shoes and pedals before the Olympic distance in September. I will stick with the cages for the Sprint distance in May.

Currently, I’m considering the Mavic Aksium Shoe III and the Giro Savix. I am leaning towards the Giro because it has the BOA dial-lacing system. The Mavic has good reviews but having the lacing system at just a bit more of a price point seems worth it. Do you have any preference for an entry level road shoe?

Ok. that’s it for now. I seriously do want some feedback on the road shoe. Running tomorrow. Week 5, Day 2. Done.

Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


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