Reminder, I’m Building My Fitness Base

After my challenging swim a couple of days ago, I understand why Joel Friel has laid out the plan for a first triathlon in this specific order. Today seemed easy but I know that it is creating a base that can be built upon in the long run. This is especially true if I continue down this course and attempt something much harder like a half or even full Ironman.

Today was a combination of one minute runs followed by 30 second walks. This allows for the muscles and the bones to grow stronger over extended time. I noticed that my second running day of every week is more difficult. Therefore, I am sure Saturday will hold a much more difficult run. But this is an insight I must keep in mind as I develop my swimming base. I cannot be discouraged as because I know my base is increasing.

I am waiting for next month to have money to purchase the new pair of shoes. Obviously, I have been pouring over as many running shoe companies as possible. I narrowed the contenders down to Brooks and On. I am pretty sure On is where my money will go. I have had traditional running shoes in the past and want to try something a little more edgy and modern technologically.

The question now is which model to choose. I am in between the On CloudFlow and CloudAce. The latter has more padding but is also $70 more expensive. The former was used to break the last Ironman record. I’m not saying I’m going to break any records when I do my triathlon. I am just looking to finish on two feet. But, the endorsement is pretty enticing and I would like to save the $70 for use with other household expenses.

Enough rambling. Week 5, Day 3. Done.


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