Good To Meet Fellow Triathlon Journeymen

Training for a triathlon can be very isolating. There are endless miles of road to ride. Countless trails to run. And, lap after lap of pool lengths to swim. Even when riding or running with a group, it is mostly done in silence and the focus is inward. But knowing that someone was where you currently are a year ago, that’s encouraging.

I am at the pool so early in the morning that I rarely chat with anyone before or after my swim in the locker room. Not that I’m not social, but there just isn’t anyone there at that hour. Today was different. I met a fellow swimmer after we both finished our workouts at about the same time. He actually introduced himself and I asked about why he was training. I know you know his response.

He completed his first two triathlons last year. The same course I’ll be competing in on my first go at it. As we chatted, he told me that he had not even been a swimmer until the moment he decided to run his first triathlon. He mentioned that he could not even make it 25 yards freestyle when he began. That was surprising to me but, man oh man was it encouraging. Especially, after my last disappointing session on Monday in the pool. It is good to know we are not alone and that others have done this before. And, done it successfully.

Today was the same routine as Monday. I was to swim as far as possible without stopping or losing form upon first hitting the water. I was able to make it 150yds as opposed to the 100yds on Monday. Improvement! I know I have a long way to go but today felt really good. It also felt good because I know I’ll see my new triathlon friend at the pool again in the future (I’ll leave out his name because he does not know I am recording everything on a blog). And yes, I did finish the remainder of the workout resting for 30 seconds at each end of the pool.

Another great thing about meeting this new friend was that he was wearing the Garmin Fenix 5. I have been researching this watch and the Suunto 9 for when I have the money to purchase. Though I really like the overall look of Suunto 9, he gave some really good insight into why he chose the Garmin. I may write about the differences at some point. More than likely, I’ll write about the watch I do buy rather than try and compare. But that’s not for today.

Today is Week 5, Day 4. Done.

Featured Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash


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