An Hour In The Saddle Is A Long Time (For Now)

Have you ever sat on a bike saddle for an hour? I did for the second time in two weeks. If you’re an experienced rider, then you’ve gotten past this point. But me, this is week 5 and it took a lot of determination to stay on the saddle for the last 10 minutes of my ride.

Today was a duplicate of the routine for last Friday, a 60 minute ride. I’ve gotten used to the previous 40 minute rides. But this one is definitely longer. Next week I think I have an 80 minute ride! That’s a long time and I don’t want to think about it until next week.

It is amazing to me how many thoughts go through your mind as you sit and pedal cadence after cadence. Then, it amazes me when there are so few thoughts going through your head. It’s like this ongoing transition between being in flow and swearing at the car that passed too close for comfort. Or being in flow and thinking about how your legs may not continue to spin. Or being in flow and whether your first appointment is at 12pm or 1pm. If you are wondering what flow is, then you should pick up a copy of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and find out.

I experience this same focus issue in my profession as a guitarists. It is amazing to me how similar everything in life is fluid from one activity to another. Lessons from one influence the other and vice versa. The one thought that seems to come up often as I am going in and out of flow is, “do I have the right saddle?” Remember this is a loner and I am not going to be replacing the saddle. But when I do decide to purchase a bike, how does one know if it is the right saddle? I know, there are bike shops to help you out but do your really need to try them for a while before make a decision? Or is there a more scientific way to streamline the process?

I guess I am getting ahead of myself but these are questions I ask while sitting on a saddle that is becoming one with my tailbone. I truly cannot image what a rider feels like a after a full Tour de France. I am sure I will not know that feeling either in my life as an athlete. I might come close if I ever rise to the level of an Ironman distance. But today is not that day.

Week 5, Day 5. Done.

Featured Photo by Alex Read on Unsplash


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