Motivation Through Micro-Goals This Morning

Staying motivated is always the challenge for something that requires daily work. I know this all too well from my musical experience. This morning was one of those mornings.

My sleep was interrupted twice during the night by my daughter. The second time ended with me on the sofa letting her sleep next to my wife in our bed for the remainder of the early morning. Upon waking up around 5:30am, I heard the rain on the windows. I already new it would be colder today but this added insult to injury so to speak. The last thing I really felt like doing was getting off the sofa. There is something about the soothing sound of rain that just makes you want to stay under the covers.

I motivated myself by saying, “just get up and get the coffee started for Kristi (my wife, of course).” I figured if I could do that micro-goal, then I’d be one step closer to setting up the indoor trainer and heading to the shed to grab the bike. I don’t usually drink coffee before my training sessions in the morning. I drink a glass of water and will eat half a banana no more than 10 minutes before I begin. Any longer and your body will begin its insulin response. The coffee was just a reason to get going and because Kristi likes it first thing in the morning.

I was about to slip into the bedroom to grab my cycling clothes when none other than my daughter opened the door and said good morning. I guess I did not have to slip in after all. If she was awake, then Kristi was awake. I suited up and opened the front door. It was cold and raining. One more obstacle, not difficult just there. Get to the shed and open it up. Micro-goal complete. I made it back through the rain and set up the trainer with the bike in the laundry room.

Small step by small step I made it to my bike to begin my training for the day. Fifty minutes later, after much sweat, I finished my session with obvious satisfaction. I was tired but I had made it through another day. I have no one else to thank but myself for today’s work. I am sure most athletes are this way. Maybe when you’re paid a million bucks it gets easier, but I doubt it. Where the drive comes from I sometimes don’t know. I only hope I can continue it until my first triathlon in May.

Week 6, Day 2. Done.

Featured Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash


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