Swimming Better and Ordered New Shoes

After taking the day off yesterday I wasn’t sure what my motivation level was going to be this morning. It did not help that, once again, my daughter woke us sometime around 2am. I managed to get back to sleep around 3:30am but the 5:30am alarm was ringing way to soon.

I made it to the pool around 6:10am and actually wanted to get in because the temperature outside was 33°F this morning when I arrived. The pool itself felt like a warm bath initially. I could have just sat there for a while soaking it in but I had bigger fish to fry.

Today was another routine of swim as far as possible without stopping. Normally I swim 50 yards to warm up with a breast stroke. However, I thought this might be why I wasn’t making the distance I wanted initially. Today I set out immediately with a freestyle stroke to swim as far as possible before tiring out and keeping a good technique. I got to 200 yards and could really feel my lats beginning to burn a bit. I dug in trying to keep my form and ended up pushing myself another 100 yards.

Finishing at 300 yards felt really good after beginning last week at only 100 yards. I was breathing pretty heavy as I finished the last bit and almost gave in about 5 yards from the wall. But, I held on and gasped for air as I rested for a minute before beginning my pool lengths with 30 second breaks in between pool lengths. It was a good swim for sure.

On a running note, I finally ordered my new On CloudFlow shoes from Blue Sky Endurance. I had been meaning to make it to the store for a while and they exceeded my expectations. They will become my local triathlon store for sure. The reason I had to order them was that they did not have the color in stock at the store but had it at the warehouse. Check them out on Amazon to see what I chose and if you don’t have a local store that carries On (here’s the link). They will drop ship them to my house probably by some time next week.

That’s it. Week 6, Day 4. Done.


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