Time Change Not Good For Training

This past Sunday we “sprung forward” for daylight savings time. That really messed with my sleeping and, in turn, with my training. Despite my tiredness I was able to get my first two days of training in this week.

Monday brought the longest swim I have attempted. I liken it to pyramid training in the weight room. The session began with three 50 yard swims with 30 second breaks between each. Then, 300 yard, 200 yard, and 100 yard swims with 30 second breaks between each. I had to pace myself at times with switching from freestyle to breast stroke for a couple of the 25 yard lengths. After finishing the pyramid, I resumed swimming 25 yard lengths with 30 second breaks between each.

Needless to say I was tired by the end of this workout. I also braved my first pair of jammers by Speedo and wore my first swim cap. There really was a huge difference in swimming a lap with the jammer versus a regular swimsuit. I really did feel faster though I probably had no addition to my speed at all. Do I feel like I look good in a jammer yet? No, but the future looks bright.

Not thinking much about the time change, I found it really difficult to wake up this morning. I had the tiring swim yesterday but I don’t think it really made that much of an impact compared to other swimming days. My session on the bike was only a 40 minute session that went for 9.19 miles. I felt like my whole body was having to work hard just to keep my cadence up on the pedals. After a strong 80 minute ride last week, I was definitely able to tell a difference between the two. I want to make a note of this in this blog because I can reference it later for seeing how to best manage changes in my daily routine.

As I write this, I am actually happily anticipating sleeping tonight. I still have four students to teach this evening. I want to give them all I have but may need to drink some green tea to keep up my pep. That’s it for Week 7, Day 2. Done.


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