First Brick Training Session

It’s my final day of Week 7 of my triathlon training. I m amazed that I have been consistent for over a month and a half! I think having a set plan each day where I don’t have to think about what to do really helps. I just wake up and do find the time to do it (hmmm, maybe other parts of my life could benefit!). Today will be tough one because it is my first combination routine (my first brick).

Before getting to my expectations of the brick, I want to say that I had my first run in my new On Cloudflows yesterday. They felt really supportive compared to my worn out New Balance 1080s. That isn’t a good comparison because the old ones should have been replace a long time ago. I only had one issue, and it’s one I read about from another runner, the tongue rubs the top of your foot creating a sore. This isn’t anything to cause alarm. How many times have you had on a new pair of shoes that create a blister on your heal? This isn’t any different and I am sure that I’ll build up tolerance over time.

I’ll be running in the same shoes today for my brick but will need to put a bandage so it does not become my focus. The combination exercise is a 45 minute ride followed by a 15 minute run. I currently do not have the correct shorts to train in going from a bike to a run. Therefore, I am going to need to change quickly out of my long biking pants to shorts and my new running shoes. I’ll need a little help from my wife to aid in grabbing the bike and having a place (the car) ready for me to change. I know this may sound weird but when you have three kids and are on a tight budget, buying the correct equipment must take place in stages.

I am a little nervous about the session today. I really do not know what to expect. I have been told this is an area that needs to be worked on when doing your first triathlon. Therefore, I know there will be some feelings I will not be used to. I have one more lesson before I leave for my training session. I’ll have to write an update afterwards to keep all my thoughts fresh. But for now, I’m going to mark Week 7, Days 5 & 6. Done.

Featured Photo by Daniel Llorente on Unsplash


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