Talking About Resting Energy Expenditure

In a previous post (Energy Balance With Three Eye Opening Examples), I delved into the idea of energy balance with a little bit of science. As I have become more in-tune with my body through this training, I am rethinking my energy requirements due mostly to the results of research into the subject. And now that the need for energy balance has been established, it’s … Continue reading Talking About Resting Energy Expenditure

Training Recaps Week 13

Today finishes week 13 since I began training for my first triathlon. Some things have changed while others have remained the same. I am beginning to see some changes in my physical body along with the underlying changes to my endurance. I believe adding the strength training will make the outer changes more apparent. I still have my workouts to complete today, but now is … Continue reading Training Recaps Week 13

Energy Balance With Three Eye Opening Examples

In reading about nutrition and health over the past few weeks, I have been intrigued by what nutritionists call “energy balance.” After converting to a whole food plant based diet over four years ago, I never gave the idea of calorie intake that much of a thought. Now that I am seriously training, it has become much more of a focus. Especially on days that … Continue reading Energy Balance With Three Eye Opening Examples

Reworking Workout Schedule (Navy SEAL)

One of the biggest lessons I am learning about how success in this journey comes down to planning. I have talked briefly about this before. If you wake up and know exactly what needs to be done that day to move you forward, then indecision about life that day fades away immediately. Now that I’ve completed the plan from Joel Friel, it’s time to create … Continue reading Reworking Workout Schedule (Navy SEAL)

I Really Don’t Know How To Swim

There is a big difference between swimming for pleasure and swimming for sport. I went the first 10 weeks grunting it out in the pool thinking I was really improving. Then, I discovered that my technique wasn’t so hot. I tried changing it to follow some video tutorials (see this post) but it still didn’t feel right. Fortunately, I met a fellow triathlete that suggested … Continue reading I Really Don’t Know How To Swim

Deeper Relationships Image

Deeper Relationships: Working On Personal Development

It has been a little over a week since I wrote the post, Assessing Relationships Around My Life. I began recording my interactions with poepleto assess how well I really knew them. I am poor at creating communityaround myself and my family. This exercise has taught me about my fears and shortcomings in forming deeper relationships? Lost (or Hiding) In The Crowd On Sunday, we attend a local … Continue reading Deeper Relationships: Working On Personal Development