Building A Community Around My Family

I began writing a blog again about my journey of attempting to participate in a triathlon this year. After writing for a number of weeks, I realized that my passion is overall health and happiness. I read constantly and am challenged in these areas almost every day of my life. Therefore, I will continue to post about my training but will begin writing about the other elements of life that are important to me and probably everyone else.

Building Community And Fulfillment In Life

This morning I was stuck in traffic again. As usual, a number of thoughts went through my head. A lot of them pertained, of course, to making money. Being self-employed causes struggles with income that most people don’t understand. It cause stress many times and I can only be extremely grateful for the woman who decided to marry and support me. We are in the process of working to get to where we want to be in this specific area. As much as that was on my mind, the thing that was most on my mind was the idea that I don’t feel a part of a community.

I’ve never really felt like I’ve been solidly a part of a community. And that to me, I think, is a really telling indicator of why I’ve never felt certain fulfillment in my life. After reading the book The Little Book of Lykke: Secrets of the World’s Happiest People by Meik Wiking, I am more compelled than ever to figure out how to do this in a country that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to building community. I am also interested in whether other people out there struggle with this area as well? I hope writing about it will help open up just a little bit of conversation among the few that ever read this post. Maybe that conversation help them develop community for themselves as well.

What About My Family?

What does that look like for my family as a whole? And, as time goes by, we know we want to be in a different place (in many areas) in our lives. Do we want to be living where we currently live for the rest of our lives? I don’t know, but a lot of it, I believe, has to do with community. Do I want to live in cold Finnland or Denmark just because I know that their infrastructure and the way that they treat families is closer to what I actually feel drawn to rather than the way it is here in the US.

I don’t have an answer to any of these questions. But, I do know that I can’t change my circumstances and situation instantaneously. I actually have to proactively work towards changing what it is that is causing me to, from what the data says, not find fulfillment in life in the realm of community.

The Challenge Of Geography

One of those aspects is the lack of community around me. We live on a large piece of land where the neighbors are not very close geographically. We do attend church but have to drive 30 minutes to get there and therefore have more acquaintances than close friends. How do we achieve a better community in this culture that we live in where we drive everywhere.

We don’t live in a cul-de-sac either. It’s not like we can have a week night where everyone comes out for a barbecue and just has to open their front door. Everyone has to drive to you or go somewhere. They cannot just walk across the street and be at your house and enjoy a lovely dinner. It’s an ordeal to drive 40 minutes to where your going to go have dinner. Not only does it take time but people have all kinds of things they are already doing. From soccer to music lessons to many other commitments. How do I, in this spread out culture develop community?

Next, Discover The Steps To Take

This is going to be an area of growth for me. I know many objections/answers to the questions above and ideas that could resolve them. This post is just about getting my thoughts down on where I may need to begin. It is easy to be in a bubble but it isn’t fulfilling. My wife, my kids, and I need to be more involved with the community around us. Now it is time for my family to find the answers to these and other questions.

Featured Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash


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