Assessing Relationships

Assessing Relationships Around My Life

Beginning to work on yourself and your relationships doesn’t seem natural to me. Not that it isn’t natural to the human existence, I just don’t naturally do it. I could blame certain personality traits I exhibit and probably many other excuses. But, that’s just what they are, excuses. It’s time to buckle down and actually spend time assessing relationships around my life.

Being The Reason For Losing A Friendship

I had a close friend in college that confronted me about not being a good friend to them. At the time, I blamed it on the fact that they expressed their friendship in ways that I did not. I used my introvert personality as an excuse to not put forth the effort to maintain a great friendship. In the end, that friendship dwindled and I am not a better person because of it.

We intuitively know as humans that relationships affect our happiness and quality of life. We now have data to back up that statement. Since I am a data driven person, it’s high time I begin to take inventory of how my happiness and quality of life is affected by and/or lack of relationships.

An Exercise In Assessing Relationships

This week I am embarking to record everything I do. Along with the daily record of what I do, I will record the people that surround me in during these times. I will rate them not by who I enjoy being with the most, but rather who I know the most about. The obvious benchmark for the person I know the most about will be my wife. And the lowest benchmark will be a complete stranger.

I am actually kind of scared to do this. I believe I will reveal exactly what I don’t want to reveal about my relationships with those around me. But that is a good thing and I want to change the person I am and deepen the relationships with those around me. Also, I am not going to record this on my phone, but in an analog notebook (I use this one by Leuchtturm1917). I have been bullet journaling for some time and know that it is important to slow down and really think about what I write and why I am writing it.

Join Me In This Exercise

If you would like to join me on this project, then by all means walk along side me. I know I’ll learn more about how I spend my time, but more importantly about who I spend my time with. I want to learn and I hope you do too. And, of course, I’ll follow up this particular post with the results of my experiment.

Featured Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash


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