Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.

I’ve spent a good bit of time talking about other areas of life in my past few posts. Therefore, it’s time to give an update on my triathlon training. This is the last training day of week 10 and I’m ending it with a 5-mile run! The key to all of this work lies directly in the idea of work your plan.

Write It Out And Stick To It

Before I began training I made a spreadsheet that contained 12 weeks and 7 days (bullet journals are great for this). On each day, I wrote in exactly what Joel Friel suggested for a first time Olympic distance training plan. Every day, I’d wake up, look at the plan, and get it done. It took all the guesswork out of “what” to do each day.

After completing a session I would color each block green. If I failed to complete a day, then I’d color it blue. I did not want to use red because psychologically I equate that to failure. Out of the 60 days (I train 6 days a week), I have not trained on 5 days for various reasons. That’s about a 92% success rate!

Work Your Plan Takes Out The Guesswork

By planning ahead and not having to think about what to do, I believe I’ve been able to just focus on doing the work. This idea has obvious benefits in every other aspect of my life. I began to organize my students work on a weekly basis that specifically says what they should do on each day of practice. It is amazing what happens when you figure out a goal and just follow the plan.

Obviously, not every plan works out perfectly. On my current plan, I am supposed to have done two brick workouts but I’ve only done one. Today is supposed to be a third brick workout but I’m running 5 miles instead. The main reason for this is that I do not have a practical way to carry out the brick workouts and fit them into my schedule. I am just going to have to keep training to improve each individual sport and go with it when the triathlon time arrives.

Keep Planning The Work

If I do the May 19 triathlon then still have 6 weeks until game day. If I do the June 16 triathlon, then I have 10 weeks until game day. The choice to do one over the other will depend on my swimming fitness and whether I make a trip out of town the week before the first event. Either way, I have to add some more weeks to my journal to make sure I am moving forward in each sport.

Featured Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash


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