Heart Attack? No, Dog Attack!

I cannot believe I am about to finish week 11 of my triathlon training. I anticipated doing this 12 week program leading up to the day of the first triathlon. But when I decided to plan it out I knew I’d be off by a few weeks. I am glad because the swimminghas caused some growing pains. Fortunately, I see notheart attack in my future but that does not rule out dog attacks. Let me explain.

Time To Look At My Swimming Technique

As I mentioned previously, my swimming fitness needs improvement more than any of the other sports for my first triathlon. I began watching a video series on creating a better swim motion (one included below). It turns out I swim with mostly my shoulders and not my lats. This might be the cause of my lack of endurance when it comes to freestyle swimming.

I only discovered this through the videos (and reading Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes). They suggest an early vertical catch that emphasis the use of the lats to pull through the stroke. Thursday’s workout consisted entirely of working on changing my stroke to an early vertical catch. This type of movement seems counterintuive to the stroke I currently use. It makes sense mentally but the execution, especially in the roll for the breath, will take some work.

Health Checkup Indicates No Heart Attack In My Future

How does this fit into the heart attack? It doesn’t other than I had a short training session because my first check-up with the doctor in two years happened yesterday as well. I waited an hour for the doctor to see me for five minutes. My blood pressure is 100/60 and my resting heart rate was 66. The heart rate was a little higher than usual but I’ll take it. Monday I get blood work for all the other data I need to keep in check. I guess as long as I keep training and eating well there will be little chance of a heart attack in my future!

My First Time Chased By Dogs

I wish I could say the same thing about dog attacks! Today I rode a route that usually ride. On it, I pass a house that has four dogs locked in a fenced in area. Today, two of those dogs, one being a pit bull, decided to chase me down. How they got out? I have no idea. All I know is that I threw my bike into a higher gear and pushed as hard as I could. I cannot believe how far that dog chased me until it realized it couldn’t run over 27 miles an hour.

The unnerving part was that I had to return that way to get home. When I hit that stretch the second time, I didn’t hold back and just pushed it like the previous time with the dogs on my tail. Fortunatley, no dogs appeared. It did cut my ride short though. I pushed so hard the first time I decided to do a 50 minute ride instead of a 70 minute ride. I love dogs. But not when they want to take a bite out of me!

Hopefully No More Suprises This Week

Has anyone else had similar issues with dogs on the chase? I’m not sure what I would do if they caught me by surprise. One more day and done with week 11! Now I’ve got to work on other areas of improvement in my life. I’ll report on the community building next week after my assessing relationship experiment. Hope you stick around.

Features Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash


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