Training Recaps Week 13

Today finishes week 13 since I began training for my first triathlon. Some things have changed while others have remained the same. I am beginning to see some changes in my physical body along with the underlying changes to my endurance. I believe adding the strength training will make the outer changes more apparent. I still have my workouts to complete today, but now is the time I can post about the weekly training recaps (I know for sure I don’t want to do it afterward!).

Swimming Recap

After a fellow triathlete suggested checking out Total Immersion Swimming, I am steadily progressing through the drills outlined in the book. Sometimes I feel like I need to just swim a bunch of laps. However, that would only take me back to the poor technique I used previously.

Currently, I am beginning Drill 6 called the underswitch. This is the first time since beginning the drills that I will be rotating underwater like an actual swim stroke. All the work prior to this has been about developing balance in on my back and in the sweet spot of the rotation. The following video gives a decent example of the underswitch.

Biking Recap

Bike distance was less than usual this week because of my beginning focus on short interval training. I did a long slow 11.5 ride on Tuesday. Yesterday began with a 5-minute warm-up. Then, for 15 minutes I alternated 40 seconds in a hard gear with 20 seconds of recovery. I felt significant improvement from last week when I only did 10 minutes for the interval training. I finished off with a 5-minute cooldown.

Running Recap

I already talked about Wednesday’s long interval running in a previous post (see here). Therefore, I will not go into it again. And, honestly, it still kind of makes me queasy to think about it. Today will finish up with a 6.5-mile long slow distance run. I am excited to get to know the feel of my body better as I learn how to pace myself. I am sure my mental focus will be tested as well.

Strength Training Recap

This week began the first phase of my strength training regimen. I have been pleasantly surprised by my ability to adapt to strength training. I feel that I am hitting momentary muscle failure at the end of each set of a particular exercise. Calisthenics (pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups) have been on four days while alternating upper, lower, and core exercises for all six days of training.

Weekly Totals


Enough Writing. Time To Work.

That about sums up the week. It’s time to quit punching keys and hit the pavement. I think you should do the same thing as well. If you want to support my efforts, then check out the About Me page for some options. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day off tomorrow.

Featured Photo by MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash


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