Training Issues And Unintentional Outcomes

I am no longer counting the weeks since I began training for my first triathlon. Somedays go according to plan. Other days…not so. Sometimes the outcomes are good and other times training issues occur.

Unexpected Outcome In Swimming

Yesterday, I finally reached the point of moving into a full freestyle stroke. After 3 1/2 weeks of pulling back all distances to work solely on technique, it held such relief. The relief came in the form of the ease of movement without any real fatigue. I swam 200 yards without stopping. When I finished, I could have just kept going. It was the outcome I was hoping for but did not fully expect when I began yesterday morning.

This does not mean that my swimming fitness is where it should be for the triathlon. However, it does mean that I have made a lot of progress due to the work on my technique. I am, again, anxious to get back into the pool on Thursday to feel that perpetual motion again. I hope to push further than before my technical work. That means anything over 300 yards without stopping. The race requires 600 yards. If all goes well on Thursday, then I know my confidence for the swim will have a huge boost.

Training Issues In Real Life

As for unintended issues, today gave me that gift. I did not sleep well due to other family members (I love my kids but I like my sleep too!). Today I intended to do a long ride of 15 miles. I know that is not long for some, but I am still building up my mileage. And, it is over the distance for my Sprint distance triathlon but a little over half for my Olympic distance in September.

Due to a lackluster morning, I threw the bike in the car intending to saddle up for a little over an hour between a few lessons at work. However, arriving to work I realized I did not have a helmet. And I am not riding without a helmet. My brains are too important to me. Awesome solution…backfire.

Late Evening Catchup

Now I need to get the miles in on my indoor trainer tonight. I am not a fan of indoor bike training but I’ve got to get it done. That puts my body in a strange state tomorrow morning when I have run scheduled. We’ll just have to see what results after tonight.

For anyone working to complete a triathlon, this scene probably sounds familiar. I still am figuring out how to adapt to training, working, and spending time with my family. Sometimes I want to quit and do what everyone else does. But today is not going to be that day.


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