Perfect Training Week? Not This Week

The week began with many high hopes. The first, of course, in being able to see real progress on my swimming. The second was to develop more of a feel using the Pose Method for running. I achieved one but feel behind in the other in this not so perfect training week.

Swimming Almost Perfect Training

Monday brought my first real use of the complete freestyle stroke. It felt wonderful to know the time doing the drills prepared me for the perpetual feeling of swimming. This was confirmed through the amazing swim I had on Thursday of a continuous 1,000 yards (read about it here). I still have a lot of refinement to do and work on swimming in open water. But, I feel this is a good place to be in 5 weeks out from my first triathlon.

Running Put On Hold

Life got in the way on Wednesday. When you are training, working, and caring for your family, something is bound to happen. Wednesday happened for me. I am brand new to the Pose Method for running and I really wanted to get some very focused work in on the technique. With a bunch of interruptions, Wednesday’s training was a total bomb. I am actually a bit anxious about today’s run becausean entire week passed since hitting the pavement.

The other concern about my run today is I had chills last night. I thought it was the beginning of a fever but the fever never happened. The chills were still present when I awoke at 3:00 am but not after waking at 6:30 am. I feel okay, but am nervous about pushing it too hard today. I will definitely change my planned run to a shorter one (6.5 miles to 5 miles).

I Need New Running Shorts

Speaking of running, I need some new running shorts. Believe it or not, I have been using a single pair of shorts this entire time for running. That means they received a lot of abuse (both from running and from washing). After scouring the web I have two options in mind.

The first is the 2XU X-Vent 5″ Free Short. It has a lightweight, high-gauge Vapor Stretch fabric blocks out the wind but remains light and comfortable during activity. It, like others, is water resistance for unpredictable weather conditions. Also, one of my requirements is a zip key pocket to keep my key in while I run. It’s the 5″ length and I am not sure if I am ready to move from 7″ to 5″ in my shorts. Yeah, I’m a bit modest.

The second is similar to my current pair of shorts. The Under Armour Men’s Speedpocket 7″ Shorts allow you to store your phone in your shorts. Unfortunately, I am still using my phone to track my GPS instead of a watch. This pocket idea may be more suitable than the armband I am currently wearing. I am still making up my mind. 

Alright, enough about shorts. I have to teach another lesson and then get mentally ready for my 5-mile run. I still don’t feel 100% but hope that the run helps. Tomorrow is a restday. Thanks for reading.

Featured Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


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