My First Fall Off My Road Bike

I knew this day would come down my path at some point. Every cyclist experiences a fall at least once (usually much more). I imagine, like today, the falls take place very unexpectedly. But, you’d have to mine the data for that info. As the day began, circumstances seem to create the inevitable of my first road bike fall.

A Slow Start To Riding

The day began early and I made it to the road by 7am. It was a bit cooler than I expected. I was wearing my newly purchased Louis Garneau bike shorts and a long sleeve top. I opened up the Strava app on my phone, hit start, and began to pedal. Wait a minute, something was amiss. Low and behold, the front tire no longer had air.

As I walked back up the path to the house I thought, “I’ll just throw the bike on the trainer and push through an indoor session again.” I really do not enjoy indoor training very much. Instead, I grabbed my pump and inflated to pressure and hoped for the best. I figured that if it was a slow leak, then I could do the ride and be fine. I always could call my wife to pick me up if necessary. And yes, I still don’t have a kit on my bike to fix and pump up a flat. This does need to be remedied before the triathlon.

Road Bike Back On The Road

Returning to the road, I hit start again in Strava and away I went. I planned to do the same 17.35 mile ride I did two weeks ago. Only this time I would add a few turns to try and push it to 18 miles. I came close and hit 17.7 miles. I also added to my average speed making it 14.5mph from 13.5mph. And, the tire stayed full.

The last bit of journey forces me onto a very busy two lane road. I have to cut through traffic to get to the correct side of road. Then I always need to stop beyond my turn, dismount, and cross when there is a break. All was going according to plan. I even had a friendly face let me into the line of traffic.

Here Comes The Fall

As I passed the street I needed to turn on, I eased onto the shoulder. To make matters worse at this spot, they have just built a new bridge and construction is still underway. As I went off the pavement to dismount, I hit a really sandy and sinking area. The front wheel completely stopped. I pulled my left foot out of my cages but my right foot was completely stuck. I fell away from traffic and hit the turf. Fortunatly I was falling away from traffic and I was almost at a stop when this happened. I think my ego was hurt more than anything.

I finally found an opening to cross the street. I put my foot in the pedals and just started spinning. The chain had come off. Over the bike went and on went the chain. As I made it the last quarter mile to my driveway, I thought about how fortunate this fall was compared to what it could have been. I am also thinking it might be time to invest in some pedals and shoes (I’m looking at these) to this here road bike.

No Real Injury. Riding Done.

Overall, the training today ended well. I could really feel, as I said earlier, the effect the interval training has on my distance work. Tomorrow, I begin more work on the Pose Method for running. At least with running I don’t need to worry about my body and an extra machine. Of course, that doesn’t mean the cars will play nice.


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