About Me

I am just an average 40 year old husband, father, son, and just a plain guy. I started this blog as a record of my journey about participating in my first triathlon. As I wrote, different areas of my life began to be affected by my training. I think being alone for so long when exercising allows me to think and reflect more about life. That, of course, is when I’m not pushing myself to take just one more step or make it to the next mailbox.

In short, I am like many others in trying to push myself to my extremes to see how far that extreme might be (within reason of course considering I have a family to care for). This type of training does take time away from my family and I still must run my business. If you would like to take some of the burden off my plate because you enjoy my posts, then consider supporting me through my Patreon page or buying something using this link to Amazon.com. It takes time to train and to write these posts. Any altruistic help would allow me to continue to share my journey with you.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the journey.