Basic Guitar Theory – Harmony: Scale Primer and Intervals



Understanding guitar theory and harmony is, by far, the most useful undertaking by a guitarist. There are numerous reason to study harmony. Just a few are:

  • Knowledge of sounds available for any use or purpose
  • Understand the intent of the composer
  • Make educated choices on the phrasing of musical lines
  • The ability to expand almost any idea whether it be to make variations on any chord progression, song, riff, etc.)

This primer is designed to get you up to speed on understanding the chromatic and major scale, key signatures, intervals, and the cycle of 4ths. It also contains some help with Roman numerals and printable 3in. x 5in. notecards for memorization practice on the major scales. All of the 12 major scales are given with notation and tablature.

See Basic Guitar Harmony: Scale Primer and Intervals – Part 1 for a primer.